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  • Российская академия наук

Visa information

To aquire visa to visit Russian Federation you usually need to provide the following information:
  1. First name
  2. Given name(s)
  3. Sex
  4. Date of birth (day, month, year)
  5. Place of birth (country, town)
  6. Citizenship
  7. Home country and region (province, state or department)
  8. Passport number, date of issue, date of expiry
  9. Place of work (full name)
  10. Position
  11. Adress of place of work, tel, fax
  12. Dates of visit to Russia
  13. Towns to visit in Russia
  14. Russian consulate, where you are going to obtain your visa (country, city)
  15. Home address
  16. Copy of the first page of passport (or several pages) with photo, name, number of passport, date of birth, dates of issue and expiry, place of birth.
Please contact organizing committee for more details using email address.