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First announcement
PNP 13 — Chernogolovka, September 13 – 18, 2009

Dear Colleagues,

The Initiative Committee invites you to participate in 13th International Conference on the Physics of Non-Ideal Plasmas — PNP 13 — to be held at the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences (http://www.icp.ac.ru/eng), Chernogolovka, Moscow region, Pr. Semenova 1, Russia, on September 13 – 18, 2009. The Conference continues a traditional series of meetings devoted to new theoretical and experimental results on the physics of dense non-ideal plasmas: Martzlow-Garwitz; 1980; Wustrow, 1982; Biesenthal, 1984; Greifswald, 1986; Wustrow, 1988; Gosen, 1991; Markgrafenheide, 1993; Binz, 1995; Rostock, 1998; Greifswald, 2000; Valencia, 2003; Darmstadt, 2006.

There will be invited and topical talks; a poster session is planned as well. In addition, we expect your suggestions on the organization of special sessions.

The proceedings of PNP-13 will be published at the “Contributions to Plasma Physics” journal following a similar review procedure as earlier.

The Conference topics include: statistical physics and mathematical modeling (including simulation) of strongly coupled Coulomb systems, equilibrium properties and equation of state of dense plasmas, kinetics, transport and optical properties of dense Coulomb systems, dense hydrogen, laser and heavy-ion-produced plasmas, dense astrophysical plasmas, phase transitions in plasmas and fluids, dusty plasmas.

Information on Chernogolovka is available at http://www.chernogolovka.org. Chernogolovka is a quiet small town in the vicinity of Moscow. It was established as a scientific center about 50 years ago. The Conference will be held in the administration building of the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics. The Local Committee will carry out an official procedure to allow all visitors requiring a visa to enter Russia to get it in time, for the whole period of the Conference and (if needed) for the additional stay in Chernogolovka or Moscow.

Guided tours will be organized for interested persons. More information will be available later.

Initiative committee

W. Ebeling, Berlin; M. Schlanges, Greifswald; I.M. Tkachenko, Valencia; R. Redmer, Rostock; D.H.H. Hoffmann, Darmstadt; V.E. Fortov, Moscow.

Program committee

A. Alastuey, Lyon; S.M. Aldoshin, Chernogolovka; M. Bonitz, Kiel; C. Deutsch, Paris; J.W. Dufty, Florida; W. Ebeling, Berlin; V.E. Fortov, Moscow; D.H.H. Hoffmann, Darmstadt; F. Hensel, Marburg; G.J. Kalman, Boston; W.-D. Kraeft, Rostock; D. Kremp, Rostock; V.B. Mintsev, Chernogolovka; P. Mulser, Darmstadt; R. Redmer, Rostock; H. Reinholz, Rostock; F.J. Rogers, LLNL; G. Röpke (chairman), Rostock; R. Sauerbrey, Jena; M. Schlanges, Greifswald; P.P.J.M. Schram, Eindhoven; I.M. Tkachenko, Valencia; C. Toepffer, Erlangen.

Local organizing committee

V.B. Mintsev (chairman), Chernogolovka; O.F. Petrov, Moscow; G.E. Norman, Moscow; V.K. Gryaznov, Chernogolovka; V.G. Sultanov, Chernogolovka; N.S. Shilkin, Chernogolovka; N.S. Kochetkova, Chernogolovka; K.V. Khishchenko, Moscow; P.R. Levashov, Moscow; I.V. Morozov, Moscow; A.V. Matveichev, Chernogolovka; O.D. Ivanova, Chernogolovka; V.A. Sosikov, Chernogolovka.

Please register not later than April 30, 2009.

Fee (before April 30, 2009): 210 EUR, for later payment: 260 EUR.

This fee will include: participation, workshop materials, welcome reception (Sunday evening, September 13, 2009), coffee breaks, conference dinner and social events.

Hotel information will be included in the Second Announcement.

Download first announcement as PDF.