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Sergey Kolesnikov
Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics, RAS
Acad. Semenov av., 1 Chernogolovka, Moscow region
142432, Russia

Tel: +7 (49652) 241-25
Fax: +7 (49652) 494-72
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Workshop program

2nd of June

arrival and registration of guests at Usadba
10:00visit to IPCP
13:30shuttle from IPCP (Chernogolovka) to Usadba
15:00Welcome and introduction (Vladimir Fortov, JIHT RAS)
15:15Victor Mintsev (IPCP) “HED Physics at IPCP[PDF]
15:30Vladimir Turtikov (ITEP) “Proton radiography principles[PDF]
16:00Frank Merrill (LANL) “Overview of Proton Radiography at LANL[PDF]
17:00Alexander Golubev (ITEP) “Overview of proton radiography at ITEP[PDF]
17:30Sergey Kolesnikov (IPCP) “Proton radiography for shock-driven HED experiments at ITEP[PDF]
18:00Sergey Razorenov (IPCP) “Dynamic strength of solids[PDF]
18:30Welcome party
20:00shuttle bus from Usadba to Chernogolovka

3rd of June

8:45shuttle bus from IPCP (Chernogolovka) to Usadba
9:30Andrey Smolyakov (ITEP) “Neutron resonance spectroscopy[PDF]
10:00Sergey Pikuz Jr. (JIHT) “Laser based ion radiography methods applied for high energy density measurements and microstructure analysis[PDF]
10:30Dmitry Varentsov (GSI) “PRIOR Project[PDF]
11:30Vladimir Skachkov (ITEP) “REPM Quadrupole for Proton Microscopy[PDF]
12:30Break for lunch
14:00Konstantin Mikhaylyukov (VNIIEF) “Method of experimental measurement of Point Spread Function (PSF) due to scintillator for high-energy protons[PDF]
14:30Boris Zhukov, Sergey Ponyaev (Ioffe PTI) “Compact railgun accelerators of plasma and solid bodies and experiments using them[PDF]
16:00Vladimir Ternovoi (IPCP) “Investigation of first-order liquid-liquid phase transition in compressed nitrogen by proton radiography[PDF]
16:30Vladislav Yakushev (IPCP) “Phase transitions in porous materials under shock loading[PDF]
17:00Vasily Sosikov (IPCP) “Study of cavitation in liquid by proton microscopy[PDF]
17:30Nikolay Shilkin (IPCP) “Diagnostics of non-ideal plasma by HEPM[PDF]
18:00Workshop dinner
20:00shuttle bus from Usadba to IPCP

4th of June

8:45shuttle bus from IPCP (Chernogolovka) to Usadba
9:30Discussion for PRIOR (Dmitry Varentsov, GSI)
11:00General discussion
11:30Close out and conclusions
13:00departure of guests; shuttle buses to Chernogolovka and Moscow

For all the speakers, 20 min. presentations followed by 5–10 min. discussions are assumed.

The workshop will be held in the Main Conference Hall of Usadba Country Club. The Hall is equipped with a multimedia projector and a PC with PowerPoint installed under MS Windows. It is also possible to connect presenter's notebooks directly to the beamer.

Shuttles from Chernogolovka to Usadba will be departing from Main Administrative Building of IPCP («Корпус общего назначения» in Russian). Shuttles from Usadba to Chernogolovka will be departing from Usadba gates.