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Second announcement
2nd Workshop on High Energy Proton Microscopy
Chernogolovka, Russia, June 2–4, 2010

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 2nd Workshop on High Energy Proton Microscopy to be hosted by the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics RAS in Chernogolovka, Russia, on June 2–4, 2010.

High energy proton microscopy (HEPM) is a novel technique for high-resolution radiographic imaging of the interior of thick and dense objects in dynamic experiments by mono-energetic beams of GeV-energy protons. The workshop is dedicated to present and future applications of HEPM to fundamental research in the fields of plasma physics, material sciences, biology, high energy density physics (HEDP) and warm-dense-matter (WDM) studies, as well as to discussion of parameters and requirements for the existing and future HEPM facilities. Special session is also planned for the discussion of scientific program for future PRIOR facility that is to be developed at GSI/FAIR.

This is the 2nd announcement for the workshop. Please see also the 1st announcement at the workshop website at http://www.ficp.ac.ru/hepm2010/.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the workshop.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,
With the best regards,
Victor Mintsev

Workshop Topics

  • present and future applications of high spatial and temporal resolution proton microscopy for materials research, plasma physics, biophysics, HEDP / WDM studies and other basic and applied sciences;
  • parameters and requirements for the existing and future accelerator proton microscopy facilities;
  • discussion on scientific program for the PRIOR facility.

Organizing Committee

Nikolay Andreev, JIHT, Moscow; Cris Barnes, LANL, Los Alamos; Vladimir Fortov, JIHT, Moscow; Alexander Golubev, ITEP, Moscow; Dieter Hoffmann, TUD, Darmstadt; Frank Merrill, LANL, Los Alamos; Victor Mintsev, IPCP, Chernogolovka; Kurt Schoenberg, LANL, Los Alamos; Thomas Stölker, GSI, Darmstadt; Vladimir Turtikov, ITEP, Moscow; Dmitry Varentsov, GSI, Darmstadt

Local Organizing Committee

Victor Mintsev (chairman); Sergey Kolesnikov (secretary); Valery Sultanov; Nikolay Shilkin; Alexey Matveichev; Oksana Ivanova; Vasily Sosikov; Nina Kochetkova

Workshop Language

The workshop language is English.

Calendar of Events

  • May 04, 2010 — registration deadline
  • May 15, 2010 — abstracts due deadline
  • June 02, 2010 — (morning) visit to IPCP; (afternoon) opening session & welcome party
  • June 03, 2010 — workshop sessions; (evening) workshop dinner
  • June 04, 2010 — workshop sessions; (evening) closing session


If you plan to participate in the workshop, please register before May 4, 2010. Online registration form is at the workshop website. If you have already registered and want to update or modify your registration form, please go to the List of registered participants link to enter your personal page and obtain one-time password using button at the bottom of the page.


If you plan to give a talk at the workshop, please enter the title and short abstract (just several sentences) of your suggested talk in appropriate fields of your registration form. Please submit your abstracts before May 15, 2010.

Workshop Venue and Accommodation

The Workshop will be held at Usadba Country Club near Chernogolovka (http://www.club-usadba.ru/, in Russian). It is situated in a pleasing countryside 35 km away from Moscow. A number of rooms is reserved for workshop participants there. Transfer of arriving guests from Moscow airports and Chernogolovka to Usadba and departing guests from Usadba back to Chernogolovka and Moscow will be organized.

Workshop Fee

There will be two options for paying the workshop fee.

  1. Basic fee: 100 EUR. This fee includes local transfers, workshop materials, coffee breaks and workshop dinner. This option is recommended for those who will not be staying at Usadba or who prefer to pay for his accomodation in Usadba by himself.
  2. Full fee: 250 EUR. Full fee includes the same as the basic fee, plus breakfasts, lunches and accomodation at Usadba Country Club for the duration of the Workshop. This option is recommended for those who plans to stay at Usadba.
The fee can be paid by cash (in roubles) or by a credit card (only Visa and Mastercard accepted) on site of the workshop at the Registration Desk. Please note us in advance of the preferred option for paying the workshop fee by filling the appropriate field in the registration form or by sending this information to workshop e-mail: .

Visa Information

Deadline for submitting information required for Russian visa obtaining (April 15) has already passed. After this date we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to complete all the required visa procedures in time. So if you need visa to travel to Russia, please contact us urgently via e-mail address.

Social Program

Informal Welcome party on Wednesday evening (June 2) and Workshop dinner on Thursday evening (June 3) are planned. It is also possible to organize a visit to IPCP and Chernogolovka for those who are interested.

Contact Information

Sergey Kolesnikov, Secretary of the workshop
Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics, RAS
Acad. Semenov av., 1 Chernogolovka, Moscow region, 142432 Russia
Tel:+7 49652 24125
Fax:+7 49652 49472

Download second announcement as PDF (in English).
Download second announcement as PDF (in Russian).